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Current Air Quality & Forecast


Air Quality Forecast


June 20 – June 24: Temperatures will rise as the low-pressure trough decays, with a 5-10 degree temperature jump from Thursday to Friday. The marine layer will compress, so expect mostly clear skies late this week and into the weekend throughout our region. Saturday should be the warmest day, with another 4-7 degree temperature jump compared to Friday: coastal temperatures will range from the 50s to the mid-60s and mid-70s, and inland lows in the low-60s with highs in the 90s to low-100s. The National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY for Saturday 11am-10pm for interior areas of Monterey and San Benito counties. Temperatures on Sunday will drop 8-10 degrees, and then another warmup begins on Monday. Warm temperatures mean AQIs for ozone will be generally GOOD but may reach MODERATE. Winds will be calmer, so smoke (PM2.5) will be generally GOOD but may linger in the valleys with MODERATE AQI. Calmer winds reduce PM10 (dust) levels, generally remaining GOOD but MODERATE at times in the south Salinas Valley.


Infographic about updated 2024 AQI for fine particle pollution with new breakpoints and health impacts information.


PM2.5 (Smoke) Sensors


Regulatory Air Monitoring Stations